đŸ’ČInvoicing has never been easier.

Head over to the Company Profiles section to upload your logo to customize your invoices. Logos with a white background work best, and the better image quality, the better it will look when invoicing your clients.

Easily upload your logo with the drag & drop uploader

Easily upload your logo with the drag & drop uploader

To generate your invoice, click into the details of an appraisal. On the right side, under the Fees & Costs panel, click Generate Invoice.


Any information you have made available will be automatically populated into the invoice. This includes your company address, invoice number (file number), Addressed To Client, and any appraisal fees. More line items can be added and all fields may be edited to your liking.

Once you’re finished, click Generate Invoice. You can now view/download the invoice, and it will also be attached to that appraisal under your Files section for future reference.